Our work is our passion, and this has
been our guide in the selection, curing and sale of leather since 1989.

The tanning tradition constitutes our basis for obtaining the finest entrefino skins.

Guilleries Pells is a company that specialises in the sale
of high-quality semi-finished leather, particularly for fine leather goods and footwear. It is a family company guided by knowledge, passion and vocation.


It is a family company guided by the knowledge, passion and vocation of its founder, Miquel Vilamala, specialising in the sale of high-quality semi-finished leather.

Guilleries Pells goes to great lengths each day to offer its customers the utmost quality. The process begins with a highly selective sorting of the skins. This is followed by their meticulous curing. Finally, once the tanning process is finished, the skins are classified, we are fully aware that these cannot merely be satisfactory; they must be the best in the market: of the finest quality.

The company has always been at the forefront of innovation to comply with environmental regulations. What is more, it researches new techniques that are beneficial for both the environment and society. Currently, for example, the company is looking into the possibility of using the “free metal” tanning technique.

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